Huw Bunford is back with a new venture entitled The Pale Blue Dots, consisting of himself and composer Richard Chester.

“This is our Jekyll and Hyde moment,” Bunford explains. “We love pop music, but we also like to lie down, listen to something, and not have to get up to press ‘next track’ for at least half an hour.”

“The album definitely has a number of songs that could find themselves on the radio, but over the coming months we’re looking to take people on a journey into sound.”

A first album entitled ‘Lots Of Dots‘ has been lined up for release through Strangetown Records on November 3rd 2014.





As a songwriter, keyboard player and vocalist, Ciarán’s contribution to a band credited with re-establishing not just Welsh, but British music’s credibility, as the excesses of mid-nineties music started to fade, set the tone for his later solo projects.

Drawing on his love for all things electronic, Ciarán’s recording and producing history as Acid Casuals and Paps earned him a reputation as the member of the Super Furries more often found experimenting with the beats and bleeps over traditional guitars, drums and bass. The assumption that his head and heart was irreversibly won only by techno failed to take into account production and playing credits with artists as diverse as Paul McCartney, Mogwai, Manic Street Preachers and Kaiser Chiefs. Ciarán has always remained a moving target.

Fans and critics alike claimed both surprise and delight as he emerged into the spotlight under his own name in summer 2012 with the album, Outside In, a collection of songs that destroyed those assumptions that his individual output would forever be dance orientated. A collection of mellow songs that channelled John Lennon and the Beach Boys, the album paid respectful dues to his most profound musical influences while remaining an unmistakeable Cian Ciarán original.





Daf played with Gruff Rhys in their early band Ffa Coffi Pawb. He was a drummer for Welsh band Catatonia from 1993-1996, recording on their early singles and debut album Way Beyond Blue released in 1996. During the same period Super Furry Animals formed and Ieuan left Catatonia to focus on them.

Daf runs the Cardiff based label and recording studio Strangetown Records with brother Cian, he was awarded by BAFTA Wales 2011 for Original Music for the S4C drama Pen Talar filmed by Fiction Factory.

Ieuan released The Golden Mile with The Peth (“The Thing” in Welsh) in 2008, with Welsh actor Rhys Ifans on vocals. A second album, Crystal Peth has been recorded but has yet to be released. With DJ and rapper Rashid “Wibidi” Omar, he recorded and produced music under the band name Wibidi. In 2013, he recorded with The Earth (band), with guitarist Mark Roberts (formerly of Catatonia), bassist Tristan Marley and vocalist Dionne Bennett.





Gruff; born 18 July 1970 in Haverfordwest is a Welsh musician, composer, producer, filmmaker and author. He performs solo and with several bands, including Super Furry Animals who obtained mainstream success in the 1990s. He formed the electro-pop outfit Neon Neon with Boom Bip. Their album Stainless Style was nominated for the 2008 Nationwide Mercury Prize. He won the 2011 Welsh Music Prize for his album Hotel Shampoo. His latest solo album, American Interior, was released in May 2014, accompanied by a film, a book and a mobile app.



Guto; born 4 September 1972 in Cardiff, Wales is a bass guitar player and songwriter in the band Super Furry Animals. With them, he has recorded nine UK Chart Top 25 studio albums, plus numerous singles, EPs, compilations and collaborations. Pryce also records and performs with several other musical acts including his band Gulp.





Fuzzy Logic

Label: Creation

Release Date: 20/05/1996

Chwefror 1996 – record gyntaf SFA i Creation : y sengl “Hometown Unicorn”.
Fe’i dewiswyd yn Sengl Yr Wythnos yn yr NME ( gan Pulp a oedd yn adolygwyr gwadd yr wythnos honno ).

Cyrhaeddodd y sengl y siartiau Prydeinig yn rhif 47.
Nesa, daeth “God! Show Me Magic” yn Ebrill 1996 – aeth hon i rif 33 yn y siartiau ac fe choronwyd hithau’n Sengl Yr Wythnos yn yr NME. Roedd hon yn fersiwn tipyn mwy amrwd na’r fersiwn a ymddangosodd ar ‘Moog Droog’ – 1 funud, 50eiliad o hyd.
Dilynodd eu halbym gyntaf “Fuzzy Logic” ym mis Mai gan gyrraedd rhif 23 yn y siart albyms.

“Something 4 The Weekend” oedd y drydedd sengl oddi ar yr albym – cyrhaeddodd hon i rif 18 yn siartiau’r
senglau, Gorffennaf 1996. Y bwriad gwreiddiol gyda’r sengl ola oddi ar Fuzzy Logic , “If You Don’t Want Me To Destroy You”oedd cael y trac “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” i fynd gefn wrth gefn a hi. Fodd bynnag bu trafferth gyda chlirio sampl o’r gan “Showbiz Kids” gan Steely Dan sef asgwrn cefn y gytgan ac bu’n rhaid gollwng y trac funud olaf. Aeth y sengl i rif 18.

Ond fe barhaodd SFA gyda’u hymdrechion i glirio’r sampl’ac ymhen amser, yn Rhagfyr 1996, fe ryddhawyd sengl “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” ( nifer cyfyngedig). Roedd y sengl yn cynnwys y gair ‘fuck’ dros 50 o weithiau ac felly chafodd hi mo’i chwarae bron o gwbl, ar unrhyw donfedd. Serch hynny, fe gyrhaeddodd i rif 22 yn y siartiau a hi oedd y gan ( fersiwn estynedig iawn) a chwaraewyd yn gyson i orffen gigs byw SFA.

Lawrlwythwch o I TUNES
Prynwch o I TUNES

Track Listing

  1. God! Show Me Magic
  2. Fuzzy Birds
  3. Something For the Weekend
  4. Frisbee
  5. Hometown Unicorn
  6. Gathering Moss
  7. If You Don't Want Me to Destroy You
  8. Bad Behaviour
  9. Mario Man
  10. Hangin' With Howard Marks
  11. Long Gone
  12. For Now and Ever

Singles from Fuzzy Logic

Hometown Unicorn

Hometown Unicorn

  1. Hometown Unicorn
  2. Lazy Life (Of No Fixed Identity)
  3. Don't Be a Fool, Billy
God! Show Me Magic

God! Show Me Magic

  1. God! Show Me Magic
  2. Death by Melody
  3. Dim Bendith
Something 4 the Weekend

Something 4 the Weekend

  1. Something 4 the Weekend
  2. Waiting to Happen
  3. Arnofio / Gio in the Dark
  4. Something For the Weekend
If You Don't Want Me to Destroy You

If You Don't Want Me to Destroy You

  1. If You Don't Want Me to Destroy You
  2. Guacamole
  3. (Nid) Hon Yw'r Gân Sy'n Mynd I Achub Yr Iaith

The Man Don’t Give a Fuck

Label: Creation Records

Release Date: 14/12/1996

Seiliwyd a chreuwyd “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” o amgylch sampl o’r gan “Show Biz Kids” gan Steely Dan – “ You know they don’t give a fuck about anybody else”.

Ail-adroddir y sampl drwy’r gan rhyw hanner cant o weithiau, felly pan y’i rhyddhawyd fel sengl honwyd mai hon oedd y gan a’r defnydd trymaf erioed o’r gair “Fuck” ynddi.

Ond, mae’r trac “Fuck The World” gan Insane Clown yn defnyddio’r gair 93 o weithiau. Fodd-bynnag, chwalwyd y ‘record’ honno pan ail-ryddhawyd fersiwn byw ( hirach a llawnach ) o “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck”.

Track Listing

  1. The Man Don't Give A Fuck
  2. The Man Don't Give A Fuck (Howard Marks Mix)
  3. The Man Don't Give A Fuck (Wishmountain Mix)


Label: Creation

Release Date: 25/08/1997

Ddechrau 1997 aeth SFA ar Daith Brats NME ac hefyd dyma gyfnod gorffen gwaith ar eu hail record hir. Rhyddhawyd dwy sengl cyn yr albym sef “Herman Loves Pauline” (a aeth i rif 26) ac yna “The International Language of Screaming” ( rhif 24 ). Cyrhaeddodd “Play It Cool” ( Medi 1997) a “Demons” ( Tachwedd 1997) rif 27 yn y siartiau.

Lawrlwythwch o I TUNES
Prynwch o AMAZON

Track Listing

  1. Furryvision
  2. The Placid Casual
  3. The International Language of Screaming
  4. Demons
  5. Short Painkiller
  6. She's Got Spies
  7. Play It Cool
  8. Hermann ♥'s Pauline
  9. Chupacabras
  10. Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir
  11. Bass Tuned to DEAD
  12. Down a Different River
  13. Download
  14. Mountain People

Singles from Radiator

Hermann ♥'s Pauline

Hermann ♥'s Pauline

  1. Hermann ♥'s Pauline
  2. Calimero
  3. Trons Mr Urdd
The International Language of Screaming

The International Language of Screaming

  1. The International Language of Screaming
  2. Wrap It Up
  3. Foxy Music
  4. nO.K.
Play It Cool

Play It Cool

  1. Play It Cool
  2. Pass the Time
  3. Cryndod Yn Dy Lais


  1. Demons
  2. Hit and Run
  3. Carry the Can

Ice Hockey Hair

Label: Creation Records

Release Date: 25/05/1998

Gafodd EP Ice Hockey Hair ei rhyddhau yn 1998 ar label creation. Mae’r gan ‘Smokin’ hefyd ar y casgliad ‘Out Spaced’, a mae’r trac ‘Ice Hockey Hair’ yw glywad ar record hir Songbook: The Singles, Vol. 1.

Track Listing

  1. Smokin
  2. Ice Hockey Hair
  3. Mu-Tron
  4. Let's Quit Smoking

Out Spaced

Label: Creation Records

Release Date: 24/11/1998

Ym mis Tachwedd 1998, rhyddhawyd “Out Spaced”.

Ar yr albym yma casglwyd ynghyd bob math o draciau a oedd wedi ymddangos yma a thraw dros y blynyddoedd, gan gynnwys y recordiau a ryddhawyd gan Ankst ( 1995 ), rhai ochrau-B , “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” a “Smokin”.

Cynhyrchwyd nifer cyfyngedig (iawn) o’r albym mewn cesys rwber wedi’u siapio fel tethi.

Prynwch o AMAZON

Track Listing

  1. The Man Don't Give A Fuck
  2. Dim Brys Dim Chwys
  3. Smokin'
  4. Dim Bendith
  5. Arnofio / Glo In The Dark
  6. Guacamole
  7. Don't Be A Fool Billy
  8. Focus Pocus / Debiel
  9. Fix Idris
  10. Pam V
  11. Pass The Time
  12. Carry The Can
  13. Blerwytirhwng?


Label: Creation Records

Release Date: 07/06/1999

Roedd 1999 yn flwyddyn ‘fawr’ i SFA. Fe’u dewiswyd yn Fand Newydd Gorau gan ddarllenwyr NME ym mis ionawr. Rhyddhawyd sengl newydd, ‘Northern Lights’ ym Mai – cyrrhaeddodd i rif 11 yn y siartiau; rhagflas oedd hon o’r albym newydd “Guerrilla”.

Fe’i recordiwyd yn stiwdios Real World ac er ei bod yn gyforiog o felodiau efallai nad oedd swn gitars mor ganolog a gweithiau cynt – gyda haenau o samplau wedi’u gosod dros offerynnau pres, offer taro a llais Gruff Rhys.

Ar gyfer gwaith celf y clawr fe greuodd Pete Fowler gymeriadau tri-deimensiwn am y tro cyntaf – yn hytrach na phaentiadau fel gyda’r cloriau cynt.

Ar ol chwarae cyfres o wyliau Haf, rhyddhawyd y sengl “Fire In My Heart” ym mis Awst – cyrrhaeddodd i rif 25.
Aethant ymlaen wedyn i deithio ar hyd a lled America a Phrydain gan orffen gydag anferth o gig yn y CIA yng Nghaerdydd lle codwyd a defnyddiwyd system sain ‘ochamgylch’ ganddynt am y tro cyntaf (darlledwyd y gig hynod yma ar y w’).

Ym mis Ionawr 2000 rhyddhawyd y sengl “Do Or Die” – hon fyddai sengl olaf SFA ar Creation Records.

Prynwch o AMAZON

Track Listing

  1. Check It Out
  2. Do Or Die
  3. The Turning Tide
  4. Northern Lites
  5. Night Vision
  6. Wherever I Lay My Phone (That's My Home)
  7. A Specific Ocean
  8. Some Things Come From Nothing
  9. The Door To This House Remains Open
  10. The Teacher
  11. Fire In My Heart
  12. The Sound Of Life Today
  13. Chewing Chewing Gun
  14. Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy

Singles from Guerrilla

  1. Northern Lites
  2. Rabid Dog
  3. This, That and the Other

  1. Fire in My Heart
  2. The Matter Of Time
  3. Mrs Spector

  1. Do Or Die
  2. Missunderstanding (sic)
  3. Colorblind


Label: Placid Casual

Release Date: 15/05/2000

Roedd Creation wedi dweud yn hollol glir nad oedd unrhyw ddiddordeb ganddynt i ryddhau record o ganeuon wedi’u canu yn Gymraeg. Recordiwyd “Mwng” yn Stiwdio Ofn; rhyddhawyd holl hawliau Creation i’r record a olygodd mai Placid Casual a ryddhaodd “Mwng” – a hynny ar slab mawr trwm o feinil gwyn. (Placid Casual – label a ffurfiwyd gan SFA eu hunain – a oedd eisioes wedi rhyddhau sengl 7″ gan Psycho VII).

Cyn ‘Mwng’ daeth sengl 7″ hefyd ar feinil gwyn , “Ysbeidiau Heulog”; ar ochr draw’r record honno rhoddwyd y trac “Charge” – a recordiwyd yn wreiddiol ar gyfer sesiwn i raglen John Peel ar Radio 1.

Aeth ‘Mwng’ i rif 11 yn y siartau albyms Prydeinig ym mis Mai 2000. Ceisiodd pob math o bobl lamu ar gefn llwyddiant ysgubol ‘Mwng’ – a arweiniodd at ddatganiad o longyfarchiadau i SFA ar lawr y Senedd yn Llundain.

Hefyd yn 2000 cyfranodd SFA ddau drac i’r “Liverpool Sound Collage Project” – “Free Now” a “Peter Blake 2000” – sef ail-gymysgiadau o recordiadau-heb-eu-rhyddhau gan Y Beatles. Gwahoddwyd SFA i wneud y gwaith yma gan Paul McCartney wedi iddo’u cwrdd yn Noson Wobrwyo NME (lle roeddynt wedi ennill gwobr ‘Band Byw Gorau’ ).

Lawrlwythwch o TUNES
Prynwch o AMAZON

Track Listing

  1. Drygioni
  2. Ymaelodi â'r Ymylon
  3. Y Gwyneb Iau
  4. Dacw Hi
  5. Nythod Cacwn
  6. Pan Ddaw'r Wawr
  7. Ysbeidiau Heulog
  8. Y Teimlad
  9. Sarn Helen
  10. Gwreiddiau Dwfn/Mawrth oer ar y Blaned Neifion

Singles from Mwng

  1. Ysbeidiau Heulog
  2. Charge

Rings Around The World

Label: Epic

Release Date: 23/07/2001

Gyda thranc Creation roedd yn rhaid i SFA ffeindio cartref recordio newydd. Roedd cyfran sylweddol eisioes gan Sony yn Creation, ac ymhen amser fe benderfynnodd SFA arwyddo cytundeb eangfrydig gydag un o is-labeli Sony, sef Epic.

Roedd mwy o adnoddau (ariannol) gan Epic i fuddsoddi ym mhroses recordio albym gyntaf SFA iddynt. Fe gymerodd y band fantais lawn o hynny. “Juxtaposed With You” oedd y sengl gyntaf i’w rhyddhau gan Epic – ym mis Gorffennaf 2001 (aeth i rif 14 yn y siartiau).

Dilynodd yr albym “Rings Around The World” nes ‘mlaen yr un mis gydag ymgyrch hyrwyddo gyhyrog yn y wasg a’r cyfryngau.….llwyddodd i gyrraedd i rif 3 yn y siart albyms. Cyfranodd Paul McCartney i’r trac “Receptacle For The Respectable” – “carrot and celery rhythm track” (gan godi erchwyn het i’w ‘berfformiad’ ar gan y Beach Boys, ‘Vegetables’ ).

Roedd ‘Rings Around The World’ hefyd yn record arbennig/arloesol; dyma’r enghraifft gyntaf erioed o albym yn cael ei gyd-ryddhau ar ffurf DVD yn ogystal ag ar y ffurfiau clywedol arferol (cd/feinil). Fe’i enwebwyd ar gyfer Mercury Music Prize ym 2001. Aeth y sengl “(Drawing) Rings Around The World” i rif 28.

Lawrlwythwch o I TUNES
Prynwch o AMAZON

Track Listing

  1. Alternate Route To Vulcan Street
  2. Sidewalk Serfer Girl
  3. (Drawing) Rings Around The World
  4. It's Not The End Of The World?
  5. Receptacle For The Respectable
  6. [A] Touch Sensitive
  7. Shoot Doris Day
  8. Miniature
  9. No Sympathy
  10. Juxtapozed With U
  11. Presidential Suite
  12. Run! Christian, Run!
  13. Fragile Happiness

Singles from Rings Around The World

  1. Juxtapozed With U
  2. Tradewinds
  3. Happiness Is A Worn Pun

  1. (Drawing) Rings Around The World
  2. Edam Anchorman
  3. All The Shit U Do

  1. It's Not The End Of The World?
  2. The Roman Road
  3. Gypsy Space Muffin

Phantom Power

Label: Epic

Release Date: 21/07/2004

Roedd yr albym nesa, “Phantom Power” yn ddarn mwy cignoeth o waith (o’i gymharu gyda thirlun mwy ‘cerddorfaol’ Rings Around The World”). Rhyddhawyd yr albym hon hefyd ar ffurf CD/Feinil a DVD ar yr un pryd yng Ngorffennaf 2003 (aeth i rif 4 yn y siart albyms). “Golden Retriever” oedd y sengl gyntaf oddi arni – Mehefin 2003 (rhif 13). Rhyddhawyd “Hello Sunshine” oddi arni ym mis Hydref 2003 (rhif 31).

Dilynwyd “Phantom Power” gan “Phantom Phorce” – fersiwn ail-gymysgiedig o’r albym gyda chyfraniadau ymysg eraill gan Llwybr Llaethog, Killa Kella, Four Tet a bravecaptain. Rhyddhawyd yr albym yma gan Placid Casual. Fel rhan o’r pecyn roedd fersiwn ‘sengl’ cd o “Slow Life” a oedd hefyd yn cario’r trac “Motherfokker” – a recordiwyd mewn cydweithrediad gyda Goldie Lookin Chain.

Ym mis Hydref 2004 fe ryddhawyd “SONGBOOK : The Singles, vol.1”. I gyd-fynd a hyn, rhyddhawyd sengl gyfyngedig, sef fersiwn byw o’r ‘anthem’ “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” – cyrheddodd rhif 16.

Lawrlwythwch o I TUNES
Prynwch o AMAZON

Track Listing

  1. Hello Sunshine
  2. Liberty Belle
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Sex, War And Robots
  5. The Picollo Snare
  6. Venus And Serena
  7. Father Father 1
  8. Bleed Forever
  9. Out Of Control
  10. Cityscape Skybaby
  11. Father Father 2
  12. Valet Parking
  13. The Undefeated
  14. Slow Life

Singles from Phantom Power

  1. Golden Retriever
  2. Blue Fruit
  3. Summer Snow

  1. Hello Sunshine
  2. Cowbird
  3. Sanitizzzed

Songbook Vol 1

Label: Epic

Release Date: 04/10/2004

Mae “Songbook : The Singles, Vol 1” yn casglu ynghyd yr holl senglau a ryddhawyd gan SFA rhwng 1996 a 2004 yn ogystal a’r trac “Blerwytirhwng?” (oddi are eu EP gyntaf, “Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllandysiliogogogoch (In Space)” a ryddhawyd ym 1995). Rhyddhawyd “Songbook” ym Mhrydain yn Hydref 2004 (cyrrhaeddodd rif 18 yn y siart albyms). Chafodd hi mo’i ryddhau yn U.D.A. tan Ionawr 2005.

Lawrlwythwch o I TUNES
Prynwch o AMAZON

Track Listing

  1. Something 4 The Weekend
  2. It's Not The End of The World
  3. Northern Lites
  4. Juxtapozed With U
  5. Slow Life
  6. Fire In My Heart
  7. The Man Don't Give A
  8. Herman Loves Pauline
  9. Play It Cool
  10. Ice Hockey Hair
  11. Do Or Die
  12. Rings Around The World
  13. God Show Me Magic
  14. Ysbeidiau Heulog
  15. Demons
  16. Golden Retriever
  17. International Language Of Screaming
  18. Hello Sunshine
  19. Hometown Unicorn
  20. If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You

Love Kraft

Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.

Release Date: 22/08/2005

Yn Awst 2005, rhyddhaodd SFA eu seithfed albym stiwdio -“Love Kraft – a recordiwyd ym Mrasil. Roedd ansawdd ychydig yn ‘wahanol’ i gorff y record hon gan y bu i Bunf, Daf, Cian yn ogystal a Gruff gyfrannu prif leisiau i ganeuon arni. Un sengl a ryddhawyd oddi ar yr albym yma sef “Lazer Beam” a ryddhawyd ar Awst 15 (aeth i rif 28).

Ychydig yn ddiweddarach, ail-gymysgwyd “Lazer Beam” gan Danger Mouse. Fe’i rhyddhawyd ar nifer cyfyngedig o recordiau feinil 7″ – gefn wrth gefn ag ail-gymysgiad Danger Mouse o “Easy/Lucky/Free” gan Bright Eyes.

Lawrlwythwch o I TUNES
Prynwch o AMAZON

Track Listing

  1. Zoom!
  2. Atomik Lust
  3. The Horn
  4. Ohio Heat
  5. Walk You Home
  6. Lazer Beam
  7. Frequency
  8. Oi Frango
  9. Psyclone!
  10. Back On A Roll
  11. Cloudberries
  12. Cabin Fever

Hey Venus!

Label: Rough Trade

Release Date: 27/08/2007

Hey Venus! yw wythfed albym Super Furry Animals a’r gyntaf i’w rhyddhau ar label Rough Trade – fe’i disgrifiwyd gan Gruff Rhys (canwr SFA) fel albym i chwalu uchel-seinyddion.

Y farn gyffredinnol am Hey Venus! yw ei bod, yn gerddorol, yn dychwelyd at sŵn pop mwy uniongyrchol, gydag adleisiau o sŵn eu halbym gyntaf ,Fuzzy Logic. Fel mae’n digwydd, hon hefyd yw record fyraf SFA – ychydig dros 36munud o hud.

Track Listing

  1. The Gateway Song
  2. Run-Away
  3. Show Your Hand
  4. The Gift That Keeps Giving
  5. Neo Consumer
  6. Into The Night
  7. Baby Ate My Eightball
  8. Carbon Dating
  9. Suckers!
  10. Battersea Odyssey
  11. Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon

Dark Days / Light Years

Label: Rough Trade

Release Date: 16/03/2009

Track Listing

  1. Crazy Naked Girls
  2. Mt
  3. Moped Eyes
  4. Inaugural Trams
  5. Inconveniance
  6. Cardiff In The Sun
  7. The Very Best Of Neil Diamond
  8. Helium Hearts
  9. White Socks / Flip Flops
  10. Where Do You Wanna Go?
  11. Lliwiau Llachar
  12. Pric

Bing bong

Label: Strangetown Records

Release Date: 13/05/2016

BING BONG was originally written for the 2004 European football finals in Portugal, when Wales narrowly missed out after a bizarre qualifying campaign, yet lay buried among giant inflatable bears, various stage props, dreams and paraphernalia in the Furries archive for almost 12 years. 

It was the success of the 2016 Welsh team, cosmically coinciding with the band’s 20th anniversary tour, which brought it bouncing back to life.

Released on Friday 13th May, Bing Bong’s artwork comes from long term collaborator Pete Fowler. 

Track Listing

  1. Bing bong